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Smart Cat Odor Purifier

Smart Cat Odor Purifier

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Introducing the Smart Cat Odor Purifier

Say farewell to pesky odors that have been plaguing your home, especially around your cat's litter box or dog crate. The Smart Cat Odor Purifier is a game-changer in the world of odor elimination. Utilizing state-of-the-art ion decomposition technology, it can eliminate and control odors by an impressive 90%. Say hello to a home that's not only clean but also smells refreshingly inviting!

Tailored for Your Pets

Our Smart Cat Odor Purifier is thoughtfully designed with your pets in mind. Whether you have cats, puppies, or simply need to freshen up small spaces like a cat litter box or a dog crate, this device is your go-to solution. It creates an environment that your furry friends will appreciate, and you'll love.

Safety Meets Effectiveness

Unlike conventional odor eliminators that might emit unpleasant or even harmful fragrances, the Smart Cat Odor Purifier prioritizes safety. It doesn't generate any undesirable smells, ensuring a better and safer alternative to traditional eliminators. It's all about enhancing your pet's environment and creating a fresh home!

Unmatched Power with Smart Technology

Equipped with a robust 4000mAh battery, our Smart Cat Odor Purifier delivers consistent and enduring odor control. Forget about frequent recharging; this device is ready to tackle odors tirelessly, providing you with uninterrupted freshness.

Your Fresher Home Awaits

Upgrade your pet care routine and transform your living space with the Smart Cat Odor Purifier. Revel in a home that not only looks pristine but also exudes a refreshing scent that both you and your pets will adore. The time for change is now, and it begins with a smarter approach to odor control.


    • Size: 9.2*9.2*4 cm
    • Weight: 180g
    • Deodorization Rate: ≥ 99%
    • Dust reduction Rate: ≥ 99.9%
    • Operating Hours: 24/7
    • Working Sound: ≤ 20db
    • Battery Life: Up to 14 days on a single charge
    • Charging Method: USB Powered

    Included In the Package

    • 1 x Cat Litter Deodorizer
    • 1 x USB Cable (No power adapter)
    • 1 x Cap
    • 2 x Double-sided Tape
    • 1 x User Manual
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    Customers Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Tracy Padberg

    Everything went well, gladly again!

    Candido Mayer

    I can’t actually feel the difference but it is good for its price. I think I am charging in every 10-14days.

    Jeffery Schumm

    I was skeptical about the operation of this device, I stuck to the wall and in the manual says not to obstruct the passage of air but I didn't feel it with it connected, there seemed to be a thing that lights up… but it really works, I don't know which type of ionizing radiation that emits but Caraca the deal makes a miracle

    Christop Hauck

    The order came very quickly! Simple and understandable manual, even there is in Russian. There is scuff and scratches on the case, but the functionality does not affect. The device came charged, it works as it should. Let's see how much enough is.

    Guillermo Bailey

    Quality material. I'm testing to see if it really works.